Dan Scher

Chemin des Retraites 5

1004 Lausanne



Born in 1956 in Chicago, Dan Scher entered the School of Fine Arts at Washington University in St. Louis in 1975. Graduated in 1979, he traveled 9 months across Greece, Israel, and North Africa where he painted landscapes.

In 1981, he moved to New York to attend Parsons School of Design. Graduating in 1983, he remained living in New York.

In 1985, he created a series of sculptures made of found objects.

In 1990, he began a series of paintings inspired by urban life. This series entitled "City Painting" is an intrinsic part of its current activity.

In 1995, in collaboration with Ansonia Pharmacy (in Greenwich Village), he created a gallery called "The Ansonia Window Show", an alternative space exhibiting painting, sculpture, and photography.

In 1997, he began teaching drawing at the Cooper Union School of Engineering and Architecture.

From 1999 to 2002, he traveled to Greece where he stayed for 2 months each voyage painting landscapes.

He left the United States for Switzerland in 2002 and set up his studio in Montreux, later moving it to Lausanne. He currently lives and Works in Lausanne.

He has been a member of Visarte since 2007.



1975-1979                                                              BFA : Washington University, St. Louis

1981-1983                                                              MBA : Parsons School of Design, New York



2016-                                                                      Pepperdine University, Lausanne

2013                                                                        Webster University, Genève

                                                                               Aidan College, Lavaux

2012                                                                        Aiglon College, Chesières

2008                                                                        Ecoles du canton de Vaud

2004-2011                                                                Scots Kirk, Lausanne                 

2004-2005                                                                Quai 1, Montreux

1997-2003                                                                The Cooper Union, New York



Tennis, cinéma, jeu d’échecs



1981-1983                                                                Helena Rubinstein (Study Grant)

1980                                                                        Chicago Artist Guild (First Prize)



2016                                                                        L’atelier, Corseaux

                                                                               StationShow, Lausanne

                                                                               Espace Demart, Lausanne (exposition collective)

2012                                                                        Place Suisse des Arts, Lausanne (exposition collective)

                                                                               MAG, Montreux (exposition collective)

2011                                                                        Galerie de l’univers, Lausanne (exposition collective)

2010                                                                        One Year Only, Lausanne

                                                                               Mode de vie, Genève

2009-2010                                                                Galerie Lilian Andrée, Riehen

2008                                                                        Promove, Montreux

2007                                                                        Hotel de ville, Yverdon (exposition collective)

2006-2008                                                                Fondation Abpi, Lausanne

2005                                                                        Impact Parteners, Genève

                                                                               Espace culturel, Assens

2004                                                                        CHUV, Lausanne

2002                                                                        The Lobby, New York

1998                                                                        Hiram Blauvelt Aret Museum, New Jersey

1997-1999                                                                Nexus Gallery, New York

1996                                                                        DFN Gallery, New York

1995-2002                                                               Ansonia Window Show, New York

1994                                                                        Prince Steet Gallery, New York

1989                                                                        Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago

1988                                                                        Bowery Gallery, New York

1986                                                                        Mokatoff Gallery, New York

1985                                                                        ABC No Rio Gallery, New York